Access to pediatric ART and virological testing

Study ART pediatric

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Since 2007, Sidaction - through the Growing Up program - has been surveying the paediatric HIV care sites the organization supports in West and Central Africa every year to provide an overview of access to paediatric antiretroviral treatments (ARTs), early diagnosis (PCR) and HIV viral load testing.

While there have been significant improvements in the past 10 years, access to paediatric antiretroviral drugs and tests remains an essential and under-represented issue in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As millions of HIV-positive people around the world age with HIV as a result of improved treatment, 110,000 children died of AIDS in 2017, a disease that remains the leading cause of death among young people aged 10 to 19 in Africa.

Through a field survey, this document, published by Sidaction, provides an overview of access to paediatric ARVs and virological analyses in Africa and proposes recommendations to improve medical care for children and adolescents.

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